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Governor Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn meet Elvis Presley in Atlanta, June 29, 1973. Upon hearing of the death of Presley in 1977, Carter released a statement in which he said, “His music and his personality, fusing the styles of white country and black rhythm and blues, permanently changed the face of American popular culture.” (ABC News & Getty)

Ah, Jimmy, I Will Miss You Terribly

I am a Georgia native and watched Jimmy's political career with strong interest, starting in my high school years. I really kinda grew up with him. We also share the same birthday! I was actually living in Okinawa, Japan, during most of his term in office, coming home to vote in the 1980 election. Since he lost and my vote would never had been missed in Georgia, it spurred me…

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My Son and I Aren’t Speaking

I love my son so it hurts to end up here. I say end up because I can't see this problem unknotting itself. I was talking with my brother this week and he said I should talk to J. He also has stopped talking to him because of my son's extreme political views. I did get some insight into this when my brother told me my truck driver son listens…

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Gay Marriage

One Oglethorpe Echo newspaper column that got left out, from 2004. Okay, now I’ve had it.  I’ll warn you ahead of time – you probably won’t like what I have to say this time.  I dislike writing about highly controversial things and definitely prefer to write humorously about things that really don’t matter. This time, however, I’m stepping into it because I can no longer keep silent on one particular…

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Is Change Hard or Easy for You?

I have spent the last 4 days or so revamping this website, setting up newsletters and generally farting around with it all.  I am a web designer/developer but my energy has been solely devoted to my Zen Cart work for a very long time. I've always had a blog of my own: I actually now have three of my own! Up 'til now I simply haven't had time or the desire to play around with the sites very much. I have installed blogs for clients but I really discourage using an additional script on a website with Zen Cart and most of my clients are Zen Cart users. I have time to play and man, has it been fun! There's been so little fun this last year - well, the last 4 years so this is just a major change.

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Are You an Optimist or Pessimist?

I’m no optimist but my pessimist side stays in the background more and more. Recently, it’s been hard to maintain an even keel due to physical issues and then I suddenly realized something yesterday. I am survivor. In that I keep going no matter what happens. I find it hard to believe life has to be this hard forever, but I’m not optimistic that it won’t either. So really not an optimistic or pessimist. I believe those labels are detrimental to our well-being even if you include realism as a third option. Instead, let’s talk about how you act on the feelings you have.

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Recently I was asked to write up something in honor of a cousin who I've gotten to know in the last few years. I finally got around to writing it up this morning, a bit ahead of the deadline (meaning I can't post this until after August 23!) Here's the core of the piece I wrote but expanded into a look at today's society. Today on Facebook my cousin, Dan,…

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During times of crisis I do two things, write and reflect. I dislike reacting only; therefore, after the presidential election I stopped to reexamine my beliefs once again resulting in my last post. So much of what you see is declarations of “if this is so, then this is so” as if life were only a series of directly opposing forces. As a Buddhist, one of my mantras is moderation…

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