Protests: The Legacy of Kent State

  The headline reads: Decades after the Kent State shooting, the tragic legacy shapes its activism. This Washington Post article was a balm to my soul this morning. And sparked a response while sharing it on Twitter. I've not used Twitter much for long, connected posts which turns out is a premium only feature. Still don't know what that's called but the last time I did it with no issue.…

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Governor Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn meet Elvis Presley in Atlanta, June 29, 1973. Upon hearing of the death of Presley in 1977, Carter released a statement in which he said, “His music and his personality, fusing the styles of white country and black rhythm and blues, permanently changed the face of American popular culture.” (ABC News & Getty)

Ah, Jimmy, I Will Miss You Terribly

I am a Georgia native and watched Jimmy's political career with strong interest, starting in my high school years. I really kinda grew up with him. We also share the same birthday! I was actually living in Okinawa, Japan, during most of his term in office, coming home to vote in the 1980 election. Since he lost and my vote would never had been missed in Georgia, it spurred me…

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Gay Marriage

One Oglethorpe Echo newspaper column that got left out, from 2004. Okay, now I’ve had it.  I’ll warn you ahead of time – you probably won’t like what I have to say this time.  I dislike writing about highly controversial things and definitely prefer to write humorously about things that really don’t matter. This time, however, I’m stepping into it because I can no longer keep silent on one particular…

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The nightmare is finally fading away though it's not gone completely yet. Like a post-surgical dream (I've had plenty of those), awakening to a changed reality in a hospital room is akin to how many of us feel today. Looking around it seems to be a completely different world.  But two treasured people in my life were on the other side. With my son, there has been some nasty things…

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Murder and Mayhem in Policing

I have my own share of bad cop stories. This phenomenon is not new. My most direct bad cop story is about a friend of mine who drove from Valdosta, GA, to New Orleans in the early 70s. Sheryl was a long-haired hippy about my size; we all were hippies back then at Valdosta State College. As he was driving to Mardi Gras through Alabama, he was stopped by a cop out in a rural area somewhere. He was never charged, just stuck in jail overnight. I do not believe he had broken any laws.

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All I Have is a Voice

"All I have is a voice" is a quote from W.H. Auden. I was looking for a pithy way of saying my main thought this morning and stumbled on that quote. It's not just pithy but it is my full truth right now. As my body slowly (and sometimes dang quickly) betrays me, sometimes all I have left is my voice. I have kept that voice depressed (yes, I have not spoken up as I wanted). Many that know me think all that I am is a voice, a mouthy old lady who just won't shut up. I have kept silent on too many things for way too long.

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No Way to Live … or Die

These troubled times are highlighting problems that even I was ignoring. I’ve had trouble shopping for years and with my new crutches, I’m better able to get in and choose what I want but then have issues because I can’t manage a shopping cart on crutches. ‘Tis a frustrating issue that’s turned in to a much larger dilemma. Now we can’t even be safe walking into a store. We are both at-risk seniors, meaning we’re home until this improves.

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