Adulthood Comes Late

I tend to be an impulsive, unscheduled person. I also have a great work ethic so self-employment is a joy for me. Well, adulthood has arrived – due to my physical (not aging) problems.

I have mast cell activation syndrome. My symptoms are all GI related. The treatment is a GI prep called cromolyn to be taken 30 minutes before meals and 2 hours after the last food. Also antihistamines – lots and lots of antihistamines.

So last night I was listening to an audio book and didn’t want to quit before the end (I’m an adult – I choose when I go to bed). Sleep came late (or early AM) and I slept in til 10:45. (hey, Sunday!) My husband cooks Sunday lunch for me so I decided to just do coffee and meds in order to get to lunch at a reasonable hour. Coffee/pills without the cromolyn.

Lunch comes round and hubby forgets to tell me that he’s cooking – tells me it’s cooked. Well, I wanted the hot meal then. No cromolyn. I said gee, this might make me sick. I ate heartily.

3 hours later – 3 hours of gi upset, headache, and ick. It will be tomorrow before my body agrees with me again.

So maybe I should do what the doctor tells me? I dunno. Maybe I should adult?

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