Delia WilsonYou found me! I've been writing on various topics my entire working life. Here I now post columns that in older times would have been (and were) published in a newspaper. The topics vary but nowadays I write about disability as much as anything. There's some gems here though - humor columns, politics, reflections on religion and Buddhism. I started recording my thoughts and now have a podcast channel, too, on Spreaker: https://www.spreaker.com/show/delias-blog-continued

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The War on Terror, update 2021.

Back in 2005 we had a rude awakening. The "war on terror" had been underway for nearly four years when a friend of ours died in Irag. I found the column I wrote then just the other day and decided not to put it up on this site. I changed my mind hours ago as Kabul fell. Though the friend died in Iraq, not Afghanistan, it still makes sense to…

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Gay Marriage

One Oglethorpe Echo newspaper column that got left out, from 2004. Okay, now I’ve had it.  I’ll warn you ahead of time – you probably won’t like what I have to say this time.  I dislike writing about highly controversial things and definitely prefer to write humorously about things that really don’t matter. This time, however, I’m stepping into it because I can no longer keep silent on one particular…

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It’s Never Over But Hope Remains

We are all breathing a sigh of relief that the pandemic is fading - at least for the moment. As things return to normal and I reflect on what this last year has meant, I've come to some unfortunate realizations that require action. Both my husband and I are disabled and senior. In neither case are our disablities a part of aging so we are doubly "blessed"! When everything shutdown,…

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Fighting the Bull

I recently had the challenge of attending an Okinawan bullfight. My advance information held that fight would start at noon, and admission was 1000 yen per person. When I awoke that rainy Sunday, I began wondering if the bullfight would even be held that day. I decided to play it safe and go. Safe, yes, dry, no. When I arrived at the stadium, I saw no cars or evidence of any activity. I stopped at the food truck and asked in Japanese, "Where is the bullfight"? The lady answered with sign language - holding up her fingers like bull horns in question. I answered hai, continuing my attempt at conversation in Japanese. She pointed up a small hill to my left. (I later realized that I never need my Japanese to ask my question. So much for my conversational Japanese lessons!)

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Is Change Hard or Easy for You?

I have spent the last 4 days or so revamping this website, setting up newsletters and generally farting around with it all.  I am a web designer/developer but my energy has been solely devoted to my Zen Cart work for a very long time. I've always had a blog of my own: I actually now have three of my own! Up 'til now I simply haven't had time or the desire to play around with the sites very much. I have installed blogs for clients but I really discourage using an additional script on a website with Zen Cart and most of my clients are Zen Cart users. I have time to play and man, has it been fun! There's been so little fun this last year - well, the last 4 years so this is just a major change.

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M+D Crutches & the Cell Phone

I really am very glad that I discovered these smart crutches. I got them in September as it was getting colder here in Maine. I immediately started looking for a way to tote things around like a cell phone as a purse just wasn't working out - throws off the balance and can bang the crutches.

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