delia_newI am, first and foremost, a writer. I am also a graphic designer, web designer/developer, artist, calligrapher, and genealogist.

I have written magazine and newspaper articles and columns, poetry, fiction, textbooks and a genealogy book. My first job was as a newspaper reporter but I’ve never worked at a regular job since that paid me for writing. Since that simply seemed to be the way it was to be, I turned my attention to making money to support my household. That eventually led into web design which is still my primary work.

But a couple of years ago, I started a major project which resulted in a book, released December 2015, called The Uncommonly Common. (It’s available here on It is a book of genealogy and history and it was such a joy to write, edit and typeset that I knew I had to get back to what I love.


This blog holds all of my columns starting back in the 70’s and I’m just starting to put my poetry online as well. Those date from the 60’s but the last one came just before my wedding in 1989. Once I found happiness, poetry left my soul.

I blog on web design, Zen Cart and technology here: and on genealogy here:

I am presently writing a full-length fictional novel based on a real Wilson descendant I discovered during my research, a sheriff in Florida back in the 1850’s as well as another genealogy-based book.

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