and once more, I’m back.

Duh, me as a baby. Kinda fits the way I feel today.

So yeah, medical issues again.

At nearly 72, you think I would be used to this by now. Sigh.

Time has slowed down in some ways and sped up in others. Mom died at 101 last fall so I might have another 30 years – all our ladies live long so not new news. But waiting for medical tests and appointments slows time to a crawl.

Finally got MRI results for shoulder but back to waiting on doc to tell me whether he’ll operate.


Waiting on determination from the PFO clinic whether they will operate to close the hole in my heart that caused a stroke last Feb. When they took me off of the infusions that were working. Will they restart? Probably not.

I found the good news in all of this – not that it cheers me up tremendously but here goes. I was receiving weekly IVIG infusions that could have caused a blood clot that was released and sped along to my brain by the hole in my heart. So they stopped them. I subsequently discovered that my body cannot take weekly infusions. I was left so pummeled that a week was nearly debilitating. Several weeks after stopping them, I found I felt way better and was walking normally. I could see the results waning by a month and at 6 weeks was sure it was the outside time – infusions needed again. So I don’t have to do weekly again if I get to start them up again.

So far I’ve been told there’s only a tiny chance I’ll have another stroke due to the hole in the heart. That I may be considered too old to operate on for this condition (up to 30% have it). That I may need to start cancer type drugs with way worse effects for those multiple conditions that are plaguing me (when is a good thing a bad thing?). That …

So I am not sure how I feel. I go from depressive thoughts to hey, I can handle this. I started walking again – with a cane, wrist support and the expensive back brace. Well, at least the wheelchair isn’t required right now. I believe I have found a way to gain a walking group in the local area. I bought ceramic tile in anticipation of the work that may or may not be feasible to make the main bath handicapped accessible (for both of us!). Now said tile is in the car. The Corolla that’s presently sitting really, really low in the driveway because I can’t find someone to get the boxes out of the car. Which has to be emptied to allow me to get to the walking group. Cause tires, springs, brakes demand that.

30 more years. I dunno. It just doesn’t sound fun. Just know I’m not too low – when you see me posting that I need funny jokes, that’s when I’m low. Jokes not needed or desired right now – that’s a good thing, right?

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