The Twilight of Diagnosis

Twilight – that time between the clarity of day and the murky darkness of night. When I got diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) at 55, I was told by the doc that it was untreatable and uncureable and to just go home and forget about it. Once so much came online about it, I was able to get further but except for odd surgeries, cysts and hernias, it all seem to just go along without massive problems.

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Can You See Me Now?

Just recently I moved into a new category of disabled. For many years I've been part of the invisibly disabled. Struggling everywhere - whether in a store, in a crowd, in a parking lot. I started asking young people to help me - playing the little ole woman thing. But I so often had to ask. And sometimes it's just easier to go home, stop shopping, stop looking for a parking place.

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