She died.

It's really tempting to do the Ding Dong, the Witch is dead bit here. But I'm simply not that angry. My mother died today at 101. Honoring your parents is a choice just as emotional and physical abuse is also a choice. My emotions are mixed but I'm left with sadness because she never apologized, almost never told me she loved me and criticized me until the end of our…

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The War on Terror, update 2021.

Back in 2005 we had a rude awakening. The "war on terror" had been underway for nearly four years when a friend of ours died in Irag. I found the column I wrote then just the other day and decided not to put it up on this site. I changed my mind hours ago as Kabul fell. Though the friend died in Iraq, not Afghanistan, it still makes sense to…

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Delia WilsonYou found me! I've been writing on various topics my entire working life. Here I now post columns that in older times would have been (and were) published in a newspaper. The topics vary but nowadays I write about disability as much as anything. There's some gems here though - humor columns, politics, reflections on religion and Buddhism. I started recording my thoughts and now have a podcast channel, too, on Spreaker:

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The Memories Are Driving Me

One thing that folks don't realize how memories drive us and how those form the basis for our present thinking. When we react, we react based on what we have seen before. We know where we came from and where we are today. These are what come to mind as we weather this administration. I remember civil rights riots and beatings, I remember Nixon and those terrible years of the Vietnam…

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Much of my poetry is also visual which simply doesn't translate to a website blog. So this one from 1969 written in the Agnes Scott dorms is an image only.

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