I am a writer first and foremost.  Then I’m a web and graphic designer. I am the “web guru” to my customers and friends. Due to my varied background and my big mouth, this blog has a threefold, oops fourfold, purpose:

1) Imparting information to my web design & hosting clients as well as anyone who is interested in web issues

2) Giving me a platform for the humor and opinion pieces I’m famous for. (I’ve incorporated my columns from the weekly Oglethorpe Echo and will be adding in my humor pieces from Okinawa, Japan’s Entertainment Weekly as I scan them in)

3)  Trying to get my Georgia friends and relatives to come visit or move to Charlottesville (hereafter referred to only as C’ville)

4) Communicating to prospective clients and/or employers who I am and what I believe in. (Yup, I want you to know me)