Who Me, Organized?

I, like so many others, kept saying I would be glad when the election was over and things could get back to normal. Oops.

Normal, you know, like no more election news? In the middle of all this weirdness (electile dysfunction and no, I didn’t make that up), my life has suddenly ratcheted up into high gear.

Before the election I would decide the night before what I would be doing the next day. I did start using Microsoft Outlook as an organizer and appointment notifier so I would remember my once or twice a week duties, appointments and bill due dates. Without the structure of a full time job, I find I forget what day it is on a regular basis.

But, now! Some pending things have moved to the “got to do” column, other things have gotten busier, meetings are turning up more regularly and life is so much more full than before the election.

Such as appointments: The medical stuff has taken on a faster pace now. After bouncing from let’s try this, to no diagnosis, to medical test, to no diagnosis, to possible diagnosis, to wrong diagnosis, to wait maybe we were right the first time diagnosis and now to let me find someone for you and to my PCP (principal care provider for you non-HMO folks) saying he’ll give me a referral to whomever and wherever I want to go, I’ve now added whiplash to my list of complaints! When somebody finally stops calling me Miss MM (medical mystery), I will have plenty of background for an in-depth look at the state of our medical system. I promise it will be hysterically funny.

In the meantime, appointments, questions to the HMO about appointments and doctors, and calling the HMO to get them to pay whomever for whatever is a time-consuming and frustrating set of vignettes that occur and reoccur.

Add in the part time jobs; the printer, the paper, the planning commission and my so-far failed attempt at substitute teaching (I’m always busy!) takes up another chunk of time.

And I’m trying to weatherproof the house before it gets really cold—I’m never going to finish painting the last window I re-glazed some weeks ago.

Pending became reality with our karate school move now in motion. New digs are found because the old building will become just as much dust as the Waffle House next door that’s already been gone for several weeks. Don’t believe every thing you read, guys; the Waffle House claimed to be closing the Broad St. restaurant due to low sales. St. Mary’s offered them, and our landlord, enough money to shut down. Here comes a new nursing home entrance; bye-bye buildings.

So now I’m renovating new commercial space—actually, mainly planning renovation of new space so that volunteers can easily find tasks to complete when they have time. Planning is much harder than doing it.

Bits and pieces of web design work for several sites, housework (who me?), care and feeding of three attention-starved dogs, designing a t-shirt for screen printing involving copyright decisions, and —— the holidays.

At least the organizer software is keeping me paying the bills on time, though being notified in a timely manner does require one to actually input the correct info into the computer first. (So I’m a little distracted—at least I did realize the Crawford City Council meeting was last week even though my organizer let me know yesterday that it is scheduled for this Thursday. Yeah, I know that was my fault. Didn’t matter. I had a conflict that prevented me from going anyway!)

I think I’ve got the appointment thing organized now. I don’t know how to avoid ending up at the wrong address though. Perhaps if I was to actually ask someone where their office actually is I wouldn’t have ended up sitting in an empty parking lot last Friday for 20 minutes before realizing I was at the wrong building Perhaps..

OK, there’s got to be a point to this discourse. I like to try to make at least one valid point if someone is going to take the time to read this. Then again since I woke at 6:00 am again this morning (I hate the time change), maybe I shouldn’t be required to be so purposeful. Maybe I should just go “catnap” with my willing canine partners or maybe I should finish at least one of the brochures sitting in front of me.

And then again, maybe I should schedule entire weeks at a time in my organizer….Oh, well, the couch and doggies await!