M+D Crutches & the Cell Phone

I really am very glad that I discovered these M+D Crutches. I got them in September as it was getting colder here in Maine. I immediately started looking for a way to tote things around like a cell phone as a purse just wasn’t working out – throws off the balance and can bang the crutches.

First I tried a small purse – with a strap to dangle from my wrist. The cell fit into it but it was pretty heavy still and the phone really wasn’t accessible – unzipping the purse takes time. Then I got a new phone – not much bigger and it still fits but it’s really hard to get it in and out.

Then I got a knapsack. I was having so many issues that I needed to carry around various articles. That knapsack is now one heavy son of a gun as I kept adding things in as diagnoses and meds changed – and I figured out how to carry along technical devices like chargers.

But putting the phone onto the knapsack with the clip holder just didn’t work. That holder needs a belt or something very solid to hook on to. Besides having a phone on your back just isn’t accessible!

So then I figured out that the phone fit into the crevice on the crutch. Yay!  Oops. Well, it fits but leaving it in a parking lot was not a desired outcome! I thought about how I could fix it in there so that it wouldn’t come off but it really wasn’t a good placement – not so easy just view who’s calling or texting.

(Since I can’t remember all the sounds, I also can’t tell without looking what the ding means!)

So here’s my solution: a silicone phone holder plus a little bit of velcro. Investment under $15 total. (affiliate product links below video)

M+D Crutches 

Silicone Phone Holder
Gear Beast Universal Cell Phone Lanyard Compatible with iPhone, Galaxy & Most Smartphones Includes Phone Case Holder with Card Pocket, Silicone Neck Strap (Spring Crocus (R))

Sew on Velcro
VELCRO Brand For Fabrics | Tape, 30in x 3/4in, White

Stick-on Velcro
Sticky Back Hook & Loop Strips

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